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ACCEL-VM300 Slim and Powerful Medical AI Accelerator


Onyx Healthcare’s ACCEL-VM300  is a compact and slim system uniquely designed for computer-aided medical detection applications with real time response that streamlines the decision making process for doctors, the product provides below features 


Intel® 12th Gen Processor 

ACCEL-VM300 Medical-Grade Box PC powered by Intel 12th Gen Processor with i9 Processor up to 4.8Ghz computing power







Support Up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 GPU

Provide PCIe by 16 slot for high-end graphics card integration such as NVIDIA Ampere RTX A5000.







Multi-PCle Slot Support

Support one PCIe by 16 for GPU card integration and one PCIe by 4 for video in capture card for the imaging processing







Compact and Slim Size

Compact and slim PC size allows the unit to fit into any limited space area in surgical room, In addition, ACCEL-VM300 provides optional vertical stand and rack mount kit, allowing the user to do integration with their medical devices. 


DC Output 

12V DC output for the power of external monitor in order to have less cable in your system




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